A comprehensive how-to guide & checklist for security practitioners

This checklist is a foundational guide for creating a workplace violence prevention plan. It emphasizes a customized approach, backed by executive leadership, to address specific organizational risks and needs. 

This checklist aims to empower security practitioners with the knowledge to develop, implement, and maintain effective workplace violence prevention strategies.

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Workplace Violence Prevention Checklist PDF cover

What you'll learn:

  • Insight into the necessary components for a legally compliant workplace violence prevention plan.
  • The importance of employee training and awareness: How to train staff to recognize, report, and effectively respond to potential threats, ensuring a safer workplace.
  • Guidance on creating a user-friendly reporting system that's accessible, provides necessary support, and improves over time based on feedback.
  • Preventative strategies to minimize risk, including pre-employment screening, conflict resolution, and secure workplace design.
  • The importance of regular worksite analysis, security enhancement, and record keeping to adapt and improve prevention measures.
  • Tools for managing and analyzing workplace violence incidents effectively to ensure continuous improvement and compliance.
  • Links to relevant resources for further reading

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