Protect Your Company's Reputation with OSINT

Are you concerned about online threats to your company's reputation?

As a security leader, you understand the importance of a good reputation and how it can positively impact your firm’s profits, customer loyalty, and ability to attract top talent. But false rumors and smear campaigns can spread quickly, damage your organization’s brand image before you even have a chance to respond. 

Thankfully, with the help of new OSINT techniques and tools, security teams can play a crucial role in safeguarding their company's reputation. 

Download the Guide

By downloading our overview on OSINT for reputation security, you will learn:

  • The real value of a company’s reputation and how it impacts profits, customer loyalty, and talent attraction.
  • The challenges posed by social media platforms and online forums in spreading false rumors and damaging a company's reputation.
  • The dangers posed by scams such as website spoofing and how it can go undetected.
  • How to exploit OSINT techniques to defend against threats such as typosquatting, brandjacking, and CEO impersonation.
  • The key reasons why every security teams needs to start prioritizing brand protection.
  • How automated data collection and risk analytics can dramatically speed up investigations.
  • 10 little-known alt-tech social networks where conspiracy theories and other types of damaging online misinformation originate. 

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