Pipeline Security: Leveraging OSINT to Identify & Validate Threats

Pipeline security remains a critical concern for utility and energy companies, as even a short disruption can have significant financial consequences. To address this problem, more organizations have started incorporating open-source intelligence (OSINT) into their security programs to anticipate and address risks. 

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By downloading our overview on OSINT for pipeline security, you will learn:

  • What is OSINT and how it can support various corporate security functions, such as travel security, geopolitical analysis, executive protection, due diligence, and crisis response
  • How analysts exploit OSINT techniques, such as keyword queries and geospatial analysis, to gather and analyze data about potential threats
  • The benefits of using OSINT for pipeline security, including the ability to get ahead of potential threats and respond more quickly to crisis situations
  • The impact OSINT can have on the bottom line, including reduced business downtime, fewer fines from regulators, and improved relations with the public
  • Ten little-known alt-tech social networks every security team should know about
  • How OSINT can be combined with automated monitoring tools to enhance the effectiveness of corporate security programs
  • The five rules to follow when building an effective OSINT program 

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Pipeline Security - Leveraging OSINT to Identify & Validate Threats

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