Navigator Alerts for Slack

Send immediate alerts from Queries, Followings, and Global Awareness to your organization’s Slack workspace.

A speech bubble with a Slack alert
Dedicated Channel

Notifications sent directly to a public team channel or individual users.

News Alerts

Be instantly notified in Slack from trusted news sources when events impact your operations.

Intelligence Updates

Receive real-time updates on accounts of interest, security events, or investigation updates.

Share messages

Share important updates with colleagues and other members of your Slack workspace.

A screenshot of a Navigator Alert in a Slack workspace. A screenshot of Navigator alerts channel

Initial Setup of Navigator App to Slack

 This is the initial setup of the Navigator app for Slack that must be performed by one person who is an administrator of the Slack environment and also has a Navigator login. If your Slack administrator is not a Navigator user, please reach out to your Client Success Manager.

*Note: Slack Alerts must now be enabled by your CSM. Please reach out to them directly, or e-mail with any questions. 

  1. Log in to Navigator and enter your credentials
  2. Then install the Navigator app for Slack here
  3. Click connect to Slack and give Slack permission to access your workspace.
  4. You should get a success message.