5 Cognitive Biases That Could Affect Your OSINT Investigations

What is the number one factor that can obstruct OSINT investigations?

The answer is probably looking back at you in the mirror. Each one of us is hard-wired with cognitive biases – mental shortcuts that our brains use to make sense of data. But these heuristics can lead to faulty analysis and undermine our investigations.

To help you avoid these pitfalls, we've identified the top five cognitive biases that can obstruct OSINT investigations and provided strategies to safeguard against them.


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  • Why our ancestors developed mental heuristics and the type of problems they create in the modern world.
  • One question you should ask when collecting data.
  • What V2 rocket strikes during World War Two can teach us about accurately analyzing data.
  • How your favorite tools and software can undermine your workplace investigations.
  • The one exercise every analyst should do at the start of every investigation.
  • How the political party you vote for can lead to faulty analysis. 

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