Inside the Shadows of Alt-Tech Social Networks: The New Haven for Threats Against Executives

Over the past few years, major social networks have intensified their efforts to address incidents of doxxings, misinformation, and violent threats on their platforms. In response, criminals and extremists have started moving to a growing collection of “alt-tech” sites that offer more privacy options and fewer content restrictions.

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This shift poses a new challenge for protectors. Previously, conducting effective social media threat monitoring only meant watching a handful of major platforms. Today, however, users are scattered across numerous sites. And failing to keep track of these communities could result in missing threats to your principal that might have been hiding in plain sight.

So how do security teams responsible for keeping executives safe respond to this change?

By downloading our report, you will learn:

  • What is “alt-tech,” and why security professionals need to pay attention.
  • 10 popular alt-tech communities analysts should keep an eye on.
  • The app security analysts have described as the ‘new dark web.’
  • The internet’s secret comment section, and the threat it poses to executives.
  • Eight rules protectors must follow to conduct effective social media surveillance.
  • The common mistake many security practitioners are making that can sabotage investigations.
  • The future of social media threat monitoring.

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